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Andermatt Group becomes majority shareholder of BIOinput

Andermatt Group AG becomes majority shareholder (80% stake) in the Croatian company BIOinput d.o.o.   BIOinput, located in Varaždin, Croatia was founded in 2016 by its Managing Director and former majority shareholder Martina Borić. Over the past years, BIOinput has developed to be a leading supplier of biological plant protection products, biocides, plant stimulants and …

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Interview with Ralph Schwarz

Ralph is Managing Director of Andermatt Biogarten, the home and garden sector of the Andermatt Group. Ralph, could you tell us your professional background and how you decided to work in the organic gardening industry? I originally studied biology and have always been interested in everything alive, whether it was plants or animals. Offering people …

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Andermatt in Africa

Healthy Food and Healthy Environment for all, speaks directly to Africa and her people. Andermatt’s vision in Africa is focused on feeding the continent sustainably, as well as strengthening local economies through the export of high quality, residue-free, healthy food.  Andermatt is strategically growing its footprint in Africa. South African based Andermatt Madumbi and Andermatt …

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The use of Bb-Protec in orchard crops – a citrus success story

Bb-Protec is a biological insecticide that has the fungus Beauveria bassiana strain R444 as the active ingredient.  Compared to conventional insecticides, Bb-Protec has a narrow target range, but when compared to other biological insecticides, its target range is considered broad.  This makes it a viable solution for different growers that are challenged by different pests.  …

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Madex Twin in Morocco – a success story in the making

In March this year Giulia Bozzolini, Area Manager for Morocco, and Felix Dubach, Head of International Market Development, travelled to Morocco to visit a local partner: Éléphant Vert, which distributes three of our baculovirus products since 2018. Hanane Chafik, marketing manager at Éléphant Vert, organized informative events for apple and peach growers as well as for …

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Interview with Giulia Bozzolini

Giulia joined Andermatt in July 2021 as area manager and is responsible for the customer support and market development in Northern Europe, North Africa and the Near East. Giulia, please tell us about yourself and your professional background. I was born in Zurich, but my parents are from Italy. I grew up with these two …

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New products available

Andermatt is not only growing in terms of new subsidiaries but also in terms of bringing new biocontrol technologies and solutions to farmers. In the recently released product portfolio, Andermatt incorporated several new products. Besides Plutex, a newly high selective baculovirus to control diamondback moth (Plutella xylostella), Andermatt also broadened its range of biostimulants and …

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