Andermatt becomes distributor of Biox-M in Germany, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway

Following the acquisition of Belchim Crop Protection NV by Mitsui & Co Ltd., the Andermatt Biocontrol Group was approved by the European Commission to become remedy taker of the divestments package related to the distribution of the product Biox-M in Germany, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. Biox-M is a product manufactured and registered by the French company XEDA International. The product is based on mint oil and acts as a plant growth regulator to control the sprouting of potatoes. The distribution of Biox-M in above mentioned territories fits very well to the key competence of the Andermatt Biocontrol Group of providing products and services for organic crop protection. The Andermatt Biocontrol Group has been successfully commercializing Biox-M in Switzerland for several years and therefore has a thorough knowledge about the product and its application fields. The Distribution of Biox-M by the Andermatt Biocontrol Group is effective from May, 6th 2021 and will be handled through the local entities of the Andermatt Biocontrol Group:

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