Restructuring at the Andermatt Group

The Andermatt Group has continued its exponential growth over the last few years. It now comprises 25 companies worldwide. Production facilities are located in Grossdietwil, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Kenya and South Africa. The group employs 450 people worldwide. Of these, slightly more than 200 work at the Grossdietwil site in Switzerland where also the headquarter company Andermatt Group AG is located.

Meeting of the CEO’s and senior managers of the Andermatt Group in Grossdietwil, Switzerland in October 2021

At the beginning of 2022, the group of companies will be restructured. Andermatt Biocontrol AG will be merged with Andermatt Group AG and all companies will report directly to Andermatt Group AG. The new managing director of Andermatt Group AG will be Daniel Zingg, who has already worked for Andermatt Biocontrol for more than 25 years. The founding couple Isabel and Martin Andermatt will remain active on the board of directors of Andermatt Group AG.

The rapid growth of the Andermatt Group is expected to continue in the coming years. With enthusiasm, we continue to work hard towards our vision: Healthy food and healthy environment, for all!

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