T-Gro Easy Flow in Canada: Success story in the making

Experience from the first year of using T-Gro Easy-Flow in Canada

T-Gro Easy-Flow, a product based on the beneficial fungus Trichoderma asperellum was launched in Canada in the spring of 2022. T-Gro Easy-Flow is specifically formulated for applications through a mechanical planter, and it is therefore well suited to use in row crops such as maize, soybean and wheat. The product can be applied by simply adding it to the seed in the hopper/seed bin, and the low volume application rate on seed makes it a cost-effective option for growers. The Trichoderma promotes quicker emergence, better root development and better overall plant health and tolerance to stress. The graphite within the formulation ensures even movement of seed through the planter and accurate planting into the field.

As part of the product launch, Andermatt Canada established a field demonstration site, where growers were invited to view treated and untreated plots, and to see for themselves the enhanced root and above ground plant development provided by T-Gro Easy-Flow.

T-Gro Easy-Flow treated (left) vs. untreated (right) showing increased root development and above ground growth on corn and soybean.

Andermatt Canada encouraged first time users of the product to leave an untreated area in the field and to monitor seedling emergence, root development and yield in T-Gro Easy-Flow treated areas compared to the untreated areas.  Yield results achieved by a grower in Canada on two different varieties of soybean are shown belowT-Gro Easy-Flow increased yield by 2 – 3%, resulting in a return on investment of about 2.7 dollars for every dollar spent on the product.

image 4
Trial conducted on a private soybean farm, Bruce County, Canada, 2022

Other growers reported that T-Gro Easy-Flow was easily incorporated into their planting system without any need to alter their planting process or equipment, that the low volume application as a seed treatment made the application simple, and where it was applied, the crop outperformed areas of the field that were not treated (return of investment of up to 4 dollars for every dollar spent on the product).
Meanwhile, in South Africa sales of T-Gro Easy Flow have increased significantly since 2019 as more growers are seeing the benefits of incorporating the product into their operations. We are looking forward to the rest of 2023 and hearing about how T-Gro Easy-Flow has benefited growers in the various markets where the product is currently available.

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