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Our Goal

Our goal is to replace chemical pesticides with good biological alternatives, such as microbial products, natural substances, beneficial insects and traps.

More than 30 years ago, we started our first production of plant protection products based on baculoviruses. Today, it has been widely recognized that the use of biological control measures offers not only a solution in organic agriculture, but also a highly effective tool within integrated or conventional pest management programs for environmental friendly and residue-free food production.

Dr. Martin Andermatt

Dr. Martin Andermatt

Chairman of the Board

Daiel Zingg

Daniel Zingg


Our Values

Excited customers

Passionate employees

Healthy environment

Sustainable company

Our company

    • The Andermatt Group was founded by Dr. Martin Andermatt and Dr. Isabel Andermatt in 1988. Since then it has developed to become a global leader for biological solutions
    • The key expertise of the Andermatt Group is the integration of biocontrol solutions into plant protection strategies
    • Customer satisfaction is our focus which we achieve with our highest quality standards and our mentality of continuous improvement
    • Our producing subsidiaries in  Switzerland, Germany, Canada, South Africa and Kenya continuously invest in R&D projects and improve our product and process know-how
    • At present, the Andermatt Group has more than 450 employees
    • We market and sell our solutions globally through our own subsidiaries as well as through more than 100 distributors worldwide ⇒ distribution map

We are looking for new partners worldwide! For more information about distributorship opportunities, contact our international business team.

Today Andermatt Group is the leading company in the production and distribution of baculovirus products worldwide.

Our history

Andermatt Biocontrol was founded in 1988 by Isabel and Martin Andermatt in their student apartment. The first product launched was Madex – a biological insecticide for control of Cydia pomonella. Since then, the company has developed to become one of the leading biological plant protection companies worldwide. Over the years, the Andermatt Group has built up a network of supplier and distributor companies all over the world. With more than 20 subsidiaries and 100 distributors it is the Andermatt Group's objective to continue to build up this network and to push forward with the replacement of chemically synthesized pesticides by effective biological products – for healthy food and healthy environment.

Dr. Martin and Dr. Isabel Andermatt
Founders and major shareholders of the Andermatt Group

Our Board

Dr. Martin Andermatt
Dr. Martin Andermatt
Founder and Chairman of the Board
Dr. Isabel Andermatt
Dr. Isabel Andermatt
Founder and Board Member
Martin Müller
Martin Müller
Board Member
Felix Howald
Dr. Felix Howald
Board Member
Franz Bollhalder
Franz Bollhalder
Board Member

Andermatt Group Subsidiaries

A global network delivering a growing range of biological solutions and services

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