Andermatt launched RhizoVital C5 for seed business in Poland

Good seed is one of the underlying success factors of harvesting a good crop. Breeders understand the importance of improving seed quality and performance, which is why treatments with micro- and macro-elements is common practice. However, introducing microbials onto the seed is a distinct and innovative approach and therefore we are happy to share with you a success story from Poland.

Andermatt Polska have entered into a partnership with HR Smolice to provide growers with a solution for cold and wet spring conditions. HR Smolice is a Polish seed breeding company and exporter to the European Union. HR Smolice is Poland’s largest company in the corn business, with a 20% market share. This collaboration has resulted in the launch of seed treated with RhizoVital C5 under the Polish brand Rhizo Seeds.

In both small and large plot trials it was demonstrated that plants were more resilient to abiotic stress when treated with RhizoVital C5. All seeds were treated with the standard seed treatment (20g/l metalaxyl, 100g/l prothioconazole) + polymer. In addition, RhizoVital C5 was applied at a rate of 1ml, 2ml and 3ml per 1kg of seed. Following seed treatment, germination, root and overall plant development were monitored by weekly observations.

image 10

From the initial germination assessments, we observed remarkable root and plant development compared to the control plots, providing a significant advantage during the spring and throughout the long and stressful season that followed. The impact of RhizoVital C5 treatment on the plant development was evident in better plant vigour and a notable increase in yield. A comparison between the RhizoVital C5 treatment at 3 mL/kg seed and the grower standard revealed an impressive yield enhancement of nearly 7 kg per 7.5 m2 plot. This outcome underscores the positive effect of RhizoVital C5 on promoting robust plant growth and stabilizing productivity under difficult conditions.

Yield (whole plant) per 7.5 m2 plot, variety Giewont

image 11

Smolice HR, Ochla, Poland, 2023

Silage dry matter, variety Giewont

image 12

Smolice HR, Ochla, Poland, 2023

In the plots treated with RhizoVital C5, we observed that the plants kept green longer. Initial silage results indicated a higher fresh weight and slightly higher dry matter content.

corn cobes
On average, the cob size of the plants in the treated plots was significantly larger than in the untreated control

Further trials with HR Smolice will be conducted in 2024 to provide even more data for corn, as well as winter wheat, soybean and spring barley.

krystian rebisz

Krystian Rębisz

Managing Director, Andermatt Polska

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