Andermatt Group is investing in production facilities

The Andermatt Group is growing; not only in number of subsidiaries, but as well as in terms of production facilities. We are excited to give you an insight into two construction projects, one project leads us to our subsidiary Andermatt Madumbi in South Africa and the other to Andermatt Canada.

Andermatt Madumbi is investing in biostimulant production
Biostimulant Group

The acquisition of Andermatt Madumbi’s long term, third party biostimulant manufacturer initiated during 2021 is progressing well. The established working relationship between both parties, coupled with the shared vision for a successful handover has facilitated a smooth transition as we prepare to take over the production of the three largest volume products V12 Multi, V12 Micro and V12 Initiate.

This requires a significant upgrade to production facilities as well as the purchase of the required equipment and IP from the current manufacturer. The Andermatt Madumbi team will look to secure a new production site which will lead to their first property investment. This will bring together under one roof, for the first-time: warehousing and logistics, production and administration. We look forward to sharing an update with you as well as pictures of the proposed new facility a bit later in the year.

As manufacturers Andermatt Madumbi seeks to secure the range IP, manage production to maximise quality and minimise costs, allowing them to be more competitive in the local and global market. This will benefit and add value to their local customers, the Andermatt Group subsidiaries and their global markets as well as Andermatt Madumbi.

Andermatt Canada is investing in a commercial building

Demand for the bioinsecticide Spodovir Plus, which controls effectively Spodoptera frugiperda, is growing strongly in Brazil and Australia. Andermatt Canada has recently bought a commercial building in Fredericton NB, Canada with the plans to design a lean production facility to be able to increase production capacities to meet these rising demands. With this facility Andermatt Canada expects the increase in production to be roughly 5 times what they can currently produce. This project is not only important to increase the production but as well to provide customers quality products at cost effective pricing.

New commercial building in Fredericton NB, Canada

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