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RhizoVital C5 launch in Canada

The Canadian Experience with RhizoVital C5 RhizoVital C5, a biostimulant based on Bacillus atrophaeus strain Abi05, was introduced in Canada in 2020.   RhizoVital C5 was trialled in winter wheat in Central Canada where it is applied as a seed treatment during the seed processing stage. Additional trials are planned for spring seeded canola in …

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The Andermatt Regulatory Team conquers the challenging world of registrations

The development of a biological plant protection product is a complex process and the requirements can be summarised as follows: All development steps have their specific difficulties, but the registration is usually the least popular. However, registration is mandatory and important to place safe and effective plant protection products on the market. For this, a …

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Interview with Brendon Neumann

First started getting commercial exposure in the biocontrol industry in around 2000 he was some of the first people to be discussing topics like biocontrol and soil health with commercial farmers in South Africa. Meet the new Director Product Portfolio Management of the Andermatt Group – the “ironman” Brendon Neemann!

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Andermatt Canada success story with Lymantria dispar MNPV

Andermatt Canada has been helping Canadian and American forestry managers regulate Lymantria dispar populations since 2009. Lymantria dispar is an important forestry pest with an exceptionally broad geographical range, from its native territory in Europe to Northern North America. Recently, Andermatt Canada helped to limit the Lymantria dispar outbreak in the city of Toronto while aiding the city to overcome public concerns with species at risk within the application area.

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