T-Gro Easy-Flow

T-Gro Easy-Flow is a specially formulated Trichoderma asperellum product on a graphite and talc-based carrier. It is the perfect seed flow lubricant to use with mechanical planters.

T-Gro Easy-Flow improves nutrient mobilisation and helps buffer stress caused by extreme conditions such as waterlogging, drought or others. The formulation offers additional benefits to planting efficiency, such as a more even plant stand, no more skipped or doubled seeds, and more seeds planted per hectare.

The powder can be sprinkled on top of the seed in the seed hopper and stirred into the top seed layers. As the tractor moves, the agitation of the seed hopper ensures even distribution of the powder throughout the hopper. T-Gro Easy-Flow is the perfect Trichoderma seed treatment for broad acre crops like corn or wheat.


  • Increases plant growth and crop yield
  • Improves the root system
  • More even plant stand
  • Also acts as a lubricant for mechanical planters
  • Easy to use – can be added to seed hopper while planting
  • Ideal product for IPM programs
  • Fully compatible with organic and residue free production

The containing Trichoderma strain is the same strain as in T-Gro, helping the plant to get a larger, healthier and more effective root system.

Product Facts

Active ingredient

Trichoderma asperellum strain kd


Graphite and talc based dry powder formulation


> 2 × 109 spores/g

Standard rate

1 – 40 g/kg seed (depending on seed size)


Row crops sown with mechanical planters: soybean, wheat, barley, rye, sugar beet, corn, buckwheat, sunflower, rice, and others

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