Biox-M is a biological sprout inhibitor based on spearmint oil, which is used in potato storage.

Product facts

Active ingredientSpearmint oil (Mentha spicata)
Formulation typeSuspension concentrate
Concentration948 g Spearmint oil/l
DosageHot fogging
30–90 g/t (1st treatment with 60–90 g/t, subsequent treatments at 3 week intervals with 30 g/t)

Cold evaporation
Continuous application at 1–2 ml/ton/day
ApplicationHot fogging
through Electrofog Xeda: First treatment should be carried out 6-20 days after harvest, when tubers are dry and skin maturation is fully ensured.

Cold evaporation
through Xedavap: Continuous application at 1–2 ml/t a day


  • Preventive and curative effect
  • Burns existing sprouts up to 5 mm
  • For table and industrial potatoes
  • No MRLs
  • Natural product – plant extract

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