UPP Biostimulants

The newly developed UPP (Unlocking Plant Potential) biostimulant range offers enhanced plant growth solutions to growers in all agricultural sectors.

UPP stands for “Unlocking Plant Potential”. The range consists of four products each containing a different targeted biostimulant that impacts on a different specific plant growth stage. Active ingredients include specific amino acids, vitamins, plant alcohols and organic acids.


Contains the biostimulants Tryptophan and Methionine. Improves root development and early growth in both annual and perennial crops.


Contains the natural fatty alcohol, Triacontanol as well as Ascorbic acid as a synergist. Stimulates processes related to photosynthesis (chlorophyll production) and vegetative growth and supports stress tolerance.


Contains the steroidal lactone, brassinolide. Improves pollination resulting in improved fruit set and yield potential.


Contains the active ingredient n-ATCA (N-acetyl-thiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid). Supports cellular and enzymatic processes, most often observed in the form of increased fruit/grain weight.

Product Facts

Key benefits

  • Biostimulants can assist growers to “produce more with less”
  • Biostimulants target specific natural growth processes within plants
  • Increasing or decreasing these specific functions unlocks greater potential for growth, yield, quality, stress tolerance and more


Wide range of crops: vegetables, potatoes, ornamentals, berries, fruit trees, row crops (soybean, wheat, barley, rye, sugar beet, corn, buckwheat, sunflower, rice), etc.

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