AminoVital is a plant strengthener based on hydrolyzed amino acids of animal origin for foliar application.

Amino acids play a crucial role in the metabolism of the plant. The plant usually synthesizes amino acids through the take-up of carbon, water and nitrogen. Through the application of AminoVital directly to the leaf surface the plant can absorb these amino acids directly and “save” the energy-intense synthesis. Especially in stressful situations, AminoVital has a strengthening effect on plants. A well-nourished plant with healthy root development has a higher level of defense and resistance to climatic extremes.

Product Facts

Key benefits

  • Enhances tolerance to abiotic stress
  • Good distribution on the plant and good adhesion after drying
  • Easy to store and apply
  • Applicable to a wide range of crops


Wide range of crops: fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, berries, etc.

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