SilicoSec is a registered plant protection product for the control of all crawling insects in grain and empty storage rooms. Due to the unique mode of action of the active substance, Silicon dioxide Kieselguhr (Diatomaceous earth), the development of resistance is highly unlikely.


The active substance is a naturally occurring diatomaceous earth with a very high content of SiO₂ in the form of a fine white powder. SilicoSec is applied to travel routes and hiding places of the insects. It sticks to the outer shell of the insects while they move through the dust film. It attracts lipids and moisture and leads to desiccation of the insects.


  • High efficacy
  • Easy application
  • No resistance
  • Long-term protection
  • No waiting time No withholding period
  • Approved for organic production

Product Facts

Target pest

Crawling insects and mites

Active ingredient

Silicium dioxide (kieselgur, diatomaceous earth)

Standard rate

  • 1 – 2 kg/t grain
  • 10 g/m2 in empty storage

Application area

Stored grain and empty storage rooms

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