Capex is a granulovirus preparation for the biological control of the summer fruit tortrix (Adoxophyes orana).


  • The application of Capex on overwintering larvae offers an effective reduction of the pest population.
  • The specific mode of action protects beneficials in the orchards.

Pest information

Summer fruit tortrix (Adoxophyes orana) is present in Europe and Asia. The polyphagous caterpillars feed on leaves, buds and fruit and can cause significant damage. The damaged fruits heal poorly which favours secondary infections by fungi.

Product Facts

Target pest

Summer fruit tortrix (Adoxophyes orana)

Active ingredient

Adoxophyes orana granulovirus (AoGV)


Suspension concentrate


5 × 1013 OB/liter

Standard rate

100 ml/ha


Pome and stone fruits

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