Rebell – Coloured Sticky Traps


Rebell – coloured sticky traps for monitoring and mass trapping of pest insects

Rebell amarillo

Yellow traps for reliable monitoring or control of fruit flies

Main target pests

  • Cherry fruit fly (Rhagoletis cerasi)
  • Walnut fruit fly (Rhagoletis completa)
  • Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata)
  • Other fruit flies
  • Turnip ceutorrhynchus
  • Cabbage stem weevil

Rebell bianco

White traps for the monitoring of sawflies and for the control of raspberry beetles

Main target pests

  • Apple sawfly (H. testudinea)
  • Plum sawfly (H. flava)
  • Plum fruit sawfly (H. minuta)
  • Raspberry beetle (B. tomentosus)
  • Raspberry beetle

Rebell blue

Blue traps for reliable monitoring of thrips

Main target pests

  • Frankliniella occidentalis
  • Thrips tabaci

Rebell giallo

Yellow traps for monitoring of white flies, lefminers, sciarid flies, etc.

Main target pests

  • White flies
  • Leafminers
  • Fungus gnats (sciarid flies)
  • Leaf hoppers in viticulture
  • Thrips in vituculture

Rebell orange

Orange traps for the reliable monitoring of carrot flies

Main target pests

  • Carrot flies (Psila rosae)

Rebell rosso

Red traps for the monitoring or mass trapping of shothole borers in orchards and vineyards

Main target pests

  • Shot hole borer (Xyleborus dispar)


  • Rebell-traps were developed by Agroscope Changins Wädenswil (ACW), who ensure continuous quality.
  • The colour of a Rebell-trap is specific for a given pest, ensuring high reliability. In addition, the use of specific colours reduces the risk of attracting beneficial insects.
  • Rebell-traps have an integrated UV-filter that protects the colour from fading over a longer period of time.
  • Rebell-traps can be cleaned, if needed, and new glue applied for use in a further season.
  • The glue used in the Rebell-traps performs well even over a longer period of time under extreme weather conditions.

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