Lures and traps for the monitoring or mass trapping of insect pests.


  • Continuous, reliable quality for successful monitoring
  • Available as single lures or as trap sets
  • PheroNorm lures are the standard monitoring system used by research institutes and advisory services all over the world

Available products

Adoxophyes oranaSummer fruit tortrix
Agrotis ipsilonBlack cutworm
Agrotis segetumTurnip moth
Anarsia lineatellaPeach tree borer
Byturus tomentosusRaspberry beetle
Cameraria ohridellaChestnut leafminer
Ceratitis capitataMedflies
Contarinia nasturtiiSwede midge
Cossus cossusEuropean goat moth
Cryptophlebia leucotretaFalse codling moth
Cydia nigricanaPea moth
Cydia pomonellaCodling moth
Cydia splendanaChestnut tortrix
Diabrotica virgiferaWestern corn rootworm
Diaphania perspectalisBox tree moth
Enarmonia formosanaCherry bark tortrix
Eupoecilia ambiguellaEuropean grape berry moth
Grapholita funebranaPlum fruit moth
Grapholita lobarzewskiiSmall-fruit tortrix
Grapholita molestaOriental fruit moth
Hedya nubiferanaGreen budworm moth
Helicoverpa armigeraCotton bollworm
Helicoverpa virescensTobacco budworm
Lobesia botranaGrapevine moth
Lymantria disparGypsy moth
Mamestra brassicaeCabbage moth
Pammene rhediellaFruitlet mining tortrix
Pandemis heparanaApple brown tortrix
Phthorimaea operculellaPotato tuber moth
Plutella xylostellaDiamond back moth
Quadraspidiotus perniciosusSan Jose scale
Resseliella theobaldiRaspberry cane midge
Rhagoletis cerasiCherry maggot
Rhagoletis completaWalnut fruit fly
Rhynchophorus ferrugineusRed palm weevil
Sparganothis pillerianaGrape leaf roller
Spilonota ocellanaEye-spotted bud moth
Synanthedon myopaeformisApple clearwing moth
Spodoptera exiguaBeet armyworm
Spodoptera littoralisEgyptian cotton leafworm
Synanthedon tipuliformisCurrant clearwing moth
Tuta absolutaTomato leafminer
Zeuzera pyrinaLeopard moth

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