NatriSan is a biological contact fungicide based on the active ingredient sodium bicarbonate. It has preventive and curative effects against a wide range of fungal diseases.

NatriSan is well suited as a preventive agent creating a “disease-inhibiting barrier” on the plant surface. The product also has a good curative effect in the early stages of infestation. Flexible miscibility make NatriSan easy to integrate into IPM programs


  • No risk of resistance due to multi-side effect
  • Effective as preventive or curative application
  • Safe for beneficials and environment
  • Flexible use with versatile miscibility

Product Facts

Target diseases

Powdery mildew

Active ingredient

Sodium bicarbonate 989 g/kg

Formulation type

Soluble powder (SP)


0.3 – 1.5 %

Standard dosage

5–12 kg/ha depending on crop, national registration and application method



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