Yellow and Blue Glue Board


Non-toxic, efficient glue board with yellow or blue attractant colour. The insects are attracted by the colour of the trap and stick to the glue.

Application: Yellow glue board: Against gnats, whiteflies, cicadas, leaf miners and winged aphids. Blue glue board: Against thrips.
Place the trap close to the plants with the supplied placement aid. It is advisable to apply the trap as early as possible. The glue boards can also easily be torn in half to obtain two smaller traps. Size: 13 × 9 cm (can be divided on the long side into 2 pieces of 6.5 × 9 cm each). Remark: Like all glue traps, the glue traps are only suitable for monitoring, but not for direct control of pest infestations.

4550g gelbfalle andermatt biogarten 22
4551g blaufallen andermatt biogarten 22
4550g gelbfallen anwendung andermatt biogarten
4551g blaufallen anwendung andermatt biogarten

Product Facts


Yellow Glue Board: Gnats, whiteflies, cicades, leaf miners, winged aphids

Blue Glue Board: Thrips

Application area

Big indoor plants, greenhouse


4550G Yellow Glue Board (10 pieces)

4551G Blue Glue Board (10 pieces)

Shelf life

Several years

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