Crop Protection Nets


The fine-meshed, light weighted nets reliably protect vegetables and berries from various pests by preventing them from reaching the plants and laying their eggs. The easy-to-use net facilitates watering, the exchange of air, light and humidity, promoting favourable growth conditions for plants. In case of rain, it limits the formation of mud and offers some protection against hail. Adapts to lant growth. Can be reused for several years.

– Filbio Insect Net PE: Place the net over the bed after planting or sowing. Fasten with metal pegs or similar.
– InsectoNet strong PP: For covering larger areas or berry bushes, raspberries or small fruit trees. Fasten with metal pegs or similar.

403g filbio kulturschutznetz klein andermatt biogarten 22
3040g insectonet strong andermatt biogarten 22
403g filbio kulturschutznetz klein anwendung andermatt biogarten
3040g insectonet strong anwendung andermatt biogarten

Product Facts


Several pests, hail

Application area

Filbio Insect Net PE: Vegetables, berries

InsectoNet strong PP: Raspberry, berry bushes, small fruit trees


403G Filbio Insect Net PE (5 m x 2.2 m, 0.85 mm mesh size, 17 g/m²)

3040G InsectoNet strong PP (5 m x 4.2 m, 0.85 mm mesh size, 31 g/m²)

Shelf life

Several years

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