topsnap, the clever mousetrap


Early and active control of mice is important to avoid mass reproduction as well as damage and contamination. The high-quality topsnap trap with its sophisticated mechanism is particularly userfriendly and efficient. The trap can be set easily and safely with one hand movement. Two independent trap mechanisms guarantee effectiveness from both directions. The catch can also be removed without contact. The trap is suitable for targeted mice control in indoor areas.

Application: Activation: Push both levers to the centre of the trap and out again. Two red marks appear. When a mouse is caught, the red marks disappear again. Emptying: Hold the trap tilted downwards and pull the lever to the centre of the trap. Catching success can be increased by baiting.

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1713c topsnap mausefalle andermatt biogarten
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House mice (Mus musculus), common vole (Microtus arvalis), other small mice


1713C topsnap, the clever mousetrap

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