topcat, the vole trap


Mice can be caught quickly and easily with topcat. The high-quality impact trap is suitable for catching water voles, common voles, field mice and other mice species. From a pressure point of 8 g, the trap snaps shut and catches both adults and juveniles from both directions. The highly sensitive, mechanism can be tightened without risk of injury. Made of chrome steel, the trap is rustproof, extremely durable, and easy to clean.

Application: Use the search rod to find the mouse passage, cut a 6 cm round hole with the ground cutter and smooth the bottom. Place the trap in the mouse hole, seal with soil and tighten the trap mechanism.

p2 topcat verpackung neu
1324c topcat wuehlmausfalle andermatt biogarten
1326c topcat lochschneider andermatt biogarten
1325c topcat suchstab andermatt biogarten
1457c topcat markierstab andermatt biogarten
1324c topcat wuehlmausfalle anwendung andermatt biogarten

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Water voles (Arvicola terrestris), common voles (Microtus aravalis) and others


1324C topcat, the vole trap

1326C topcat ground cutter

1457C topcat picket

1325C topcat searching rod

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