Madex® Garden


Madex is a purely biological formulation. It contains the naturally occurring and very specific codling moth granulosis virus. This virus is harmless to beneficial organisms and other insects. 2 to 4 treatments per season are recommended. In warm summers, depending on the region, further treatments could be necessary from mid-July onward.

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4957g madex apfelwickler apfel andermatt biogarten
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Product Facts


Codling moth (Cydia pomonella)

Active ingredient


Application area

Apple, pear, quince


Neu.C Madex Garden (50 ml)

Neu.A Madex Garden (60 ml)

Neu.D Madex Garden (100 ml)

Neu.B Madex Garden (120 ml)

Shelf life

2 years at 5°C

Registration status

On request

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