InsectoNet biodegradable


Fine-meshed insect protection net (mesh size 0.85 mm, weight 32 g/m²) made of biodegradable bioplastic (PLA). Made from renewable raw materials. No microplastic in the garden. Shelf life 3 to 4 years in dry and clean winter storage. Can be washed cold in a washing machine on gentle cycle. Dispose in a biogas plant or with the household waste (decomposition time in compost is lengthy).

Application: Check bed for pests after sowing or planting, water sufficiently and lay out the net. Fix the net to the ground using earth, stones or metal pegs.

6980g insectonet biodegradable kulturschutznetz andermatt biogarten 22
6980g insectonet biodegradable kulturschutznetz anwendung andermatt biogarten

Product Facts


Carrot fly (Chamaepsila rosae), onion fly (Delia antiqua), cabbage butterfly (Pieris brassicae), moth owls, coal owls, leek flies, spotted wing drosophila (Drosophila suzukii), wasps, birds

Application area

Vegetables, fruits


6980G InsectoNet biodegradable (2.1 x 5 m)

Shelf life

3-4 years

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