Horsetail Pellets and Extract


Horsetail pellets simplify the production of slurry and tea, which is used to strengthen plants and prevent fungal diseases. The silica contained in the horsetail strengthens the plant cells making them less sensitive to fungal spores. Also available as ready-made concentrate for a quick and convenient preparation. Nettle, comfrey and horsetail products can also be mixed.

Application: Drench with a watering can. Water the root area of the plants extensively. Foliar application: When spraying treat plants in dry weather and under overcast skies. Repeat every 10 to 14 days until the end of the growing season.

2978g schachtelhalmpellets 700g andermatt biogarten 22
2810g schachtelhalmextrakt 500ml andermatt biogarten 22 1

Product Facts


Fungal diseases

Active ingredient


Application area

Garden, balcony, indoor plants


7147G Horsetail Pellets (450 g for approx. 290 litres)

2810G Horsetail Extract 500 ml (for approx. 25 litres)


Shelf life

Min. 2 years at 15°C

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