AlgoFol is extracted from brown algae (Ascophyllum nodosum) and used for foliar fertilisation. The nutrients contained are readily available to the plant in form of chelates and will be absorbed quickly. The plant is strengthened, and deficiency symptoms are minimized. AlgoFol can also be used as an additive in pesticide treatments which improves the wetting of the leaves and the effect of the agents.

Application: Dilute AlgoFol with water in the sprayer. Add 10 ml of AlgoFol per litre of water. Spray plants in the morning, in the evening or on cloudy days until to dripping wetness. Repeat fertilisation every 14 days during the growing season.

4393g algofol andermatt biogarten 22

Product Facts


Deficiency symptoms

Active ingredient

Brown algae (Ascophyllum nodosum)

Nutrients: Total nitrogen (N) 0.2%, potassium (K2O) 0.3%, boron (B) 0.0007%, iron (Fe) 0.0004%, zinc (Zn) 0.0003%.

Application area

Garden, balcony, indoor plants


4393G AlgoFol (250 ml for 25 litres)

Shelf life

Min. 2 years at 15°C

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