CarboVit is a purely plant-based carbon fertilizer. The activated plant carbon serves as a sink for nutrients and microorganisms in the soil, binding CO₂ over a long term period and supporting the natural formation of humus. Activated plant carbon is already enriched with nutrients and soil organisms, allowing it to immediately impact the soil positively.

Application: Annually work 50 to 250 g per m² into the soil before sowing/planting. Re-apply in August with 50 g per m². For potted plants: Up to 80 g per 10 litres are mixed with the substrate.

4499g carbovit 0 7kg andermatt biogarten 22
4384g carbovit 5kg andermatt biogarten 22

Product Facts

Active ingredient


Nutrients: Total nitrogen (N) 3%, total phosphate (P2O5) 1%, total potash (K2O) 1.5%, total calcium oxide (CaO) 6%, total magnesium oxide (MgO) 1%, sulphur (S) 0.5%, organic matter (OS) 65%, microorganisms

Application area

Garden, balcony, indoor plants


4499G CarboVit (700 g)

4384G CarboVit (5 kg)

Shelf life

Several years at 15°C

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