Microbials for Seed Treatments and Coatings


Plant growth-promoting Bacillus and Trichoderma strains support the plant to build a strong and efficient root system, improving its tolerance towards stress caused by unfavorable conditions or soil pathogens.

Spores of the naturally occurring soil Bacillus or Trichoderma strains germinate and colonize the young growing roots. The beneficial microorganisms release enzymes and other compounds which stimulate plant growth and mobilize nutrients. On seeds, it is an ideal strategy to put an added value on existing products, by improving germination rate, nutrient uptake, plant emergence and stand establishment.

Some specific strains, such as Bacillus velezensis FZB42 have proven to be able to significantly suppress soil borne disease such as Rhizoctonia or Fusarium. A seed coating with this strain gives a an ideal protection during the sensible period of plant emergence.


  • Simply processed into agro-inputs, seed treatments and coatings
  • Compatibility with most fertilizers and plant protection products
  • Improves root growth and nutrient mobilization
  • Good storage abilities: up to 2 years

Our services

  • Delivery of Bacillus and Trichoderma spores
  • Customized carriers and formulations
  • Support for lab analysis of the end product
  • Delivery of big and small quantities

Available products

Product Facts

Mode of action

Growth stimulation, increased stress tolerance and nutrient mobilization through bacterial enzymes and other compounds as well as fungicidal and bactericidal effects.

Active ingredients

Spores of Bacillus velezensis or Bacillus atrophaeus (different strains available), Trichoderma asperellum

Delivery type

The spores can be delivered in a customized form, depending on specific needs

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