KlarVital counteracts algae growth in a biological way, thus pre- venting the formation of mud and rotten odor in stagnant waters. Nutrients are bound naturally through the activity of microorganisms and thus no longer available for the growth of algae. When applied according the instructions, this product is harmless to humans, animals (including fish and insects) and plants. 1 litre of concentrate is sufficient for 20 m3 of water.

Application: In spring, remove mud, algae, leaves and other dead plant material from the pond. Shake the bottle well. Mix KlarVital with lukewarm water in a ratio of 1:1, leave to stand for 10 minutes and spread over the water. The water temperature must be at least 10 °C. Repeat treatment at approx. 4-week intervals.

3117g klarvital 1l andermatt biogarten 22

Product Facts


Algae blooms, turbidity

Active ingredient


Application area



3117G KlarVital (1 litre)

Shelf life

Min. 2 years at 15°C

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