The compost accelerator contains a mixture of different microorganisms which is perfectly adapted to the composting process. The microorganisms contained in ABiSAN reliably break down food remains but also materials that are more difficult to compost, such as garden waste, and help to produce high-quality compost. With the use of the compost accelerator, higher temperatures are achieved in the compost, which leads to a shortening of the composting time, the killing of pathogens and the prevention of unpleasant odours. For approx. 10 m³ fresh compost.

Application: Chop moist and dry material before composting. Mix the materials and pile them up in layers of 20 cm. Apply compost accelerator evenly between the layers. Add grass and other green matter only when it has wilted. Choose a shady location; cover the compost to protect it from drying out.

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Product Facts

Active ingredient


Application area

Terrace, balcony, front yard


7511C ABiSAN (1 litre)

Shelf life

Min. 1 year at 15°C

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