Earwig Shelter Bags

The Earwig Shelter Bag is made of Swiss felted sheep wool and filled with wood fibres offering earwigs a hiding and nesting place from spring to autumn. The earwig is a beneficial insect that is especially active at dusk and at night. At night it can eat up to a hundred aphids and other pests such as tetranichids or insect eggs.

Application: In spring, loosely attach the earwig bag with the wire to a branch or shoot of trees and shrubs. It is possible to relocate earwig pouches that are already inhabited to another site (preferably near aphid colonies). Depending on the size of the shrub or tree, attach two or more earwig pouches.

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Aphids, spider mite (Tetranychidae)

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Fruit trees


3242G Earwig Shelter Bags (4 pieces)

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