The first lightweight portable tool with Li-Ion technology. Accuracy for each evaporation treatment independent of the applied dose. No attendance by beekeeper during evaporation process required.


Add the required amount of oxalic acid dihydrate to the crucible. Place Varrox Eddy through the flight opening of 15mm x 90mm underneath the bee cluster. Close flight opening with sponge strips or humid cloth. Start Varrox Eddy with a simple pressure on the start button and walk away until device displays a green light. Remove Varrox Eddy and drop the still hot crucible into a bucket of cold water to cool it down. In the meantime you can treat the next colony using the second crucible. Seal flight opening for another ten minutes after treatment. The rechargeable battery pack allows treatment of 10–20 hives with one charge. Best results are achieved on brood-less colonies at outside temperatures above 8 °C.

Treatment profile

Oxalic acid dihydrate is a white powder with high acidity. When evaporated with Varrox and Varrox Eddy, the fumes will re-condensate as oxalic acid dihydrate on bees and combs. The fine crystal needles will kill Varroa after contact only. Varroa in sealed brood cells will not be affected by the oxalic acid since there is no physical contact with oxalic acid. Varroa mite fall peaks on the second day.
Oxalic acid dihydrate evaporates in two steps and breaks up at high temperatures into inactive vapours. The design of Varrox and Varrox Eddy allows repetitive accuracy for each treated hive when instructions of use are followed.


Oxalic acid vapours cause irritation of eyes and the respiratory system. Do not use indoors. Always wear protective clothing, eyeglasses and a breathing mask. Always treat your hives with the wind in your back.

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