OXUVAR® 5.7% Oxalic acid dihydrate concentrate for spraying

Fast acting water based solution of oxalic acid dihydrate for spraying brood-less bees in spring and summer.
Very well tolerated spraying treatment for swarms, artificial swarms and brood-less colonies. Easy to prepare the 3% ready to use solution from concentrate by adding 9 parts water to 10 parts concentrate.


Bees on combs are sprayed with a hand sprayer in an angle of 45°.  4-5 sprays (3–4 ml) are enough to moisten the bees on one side of the comb. Bees in clusters are sprayed with 20–25 ml per kg of bees. Best results are seen when the application is done when the bees remain inside the hive for a few hours following the treatment.

Treatment profile

Oxalic acid dihydrate in a spraying a 3% solution is very well tolerated by the bees and queen. Avoid spraying into open brood cells to avoid residues Thus the recommendation of the 45° angle. The bees need not be dripping wet. A fine mist on the bee is sufficient. Oxalic acid is fast acting on contact and Varroa are being removed in the first two days. Since the solution does not contain any sugar, the bees dry quickly and the oxalic acid dihydrate remains in form of tiny, needle shaped crystals on the bee until the bees cleans them off. Oxalic acid dihydrate spraying solution should not be used more than twice on a generation of worker bees since sublethal damages and stress may shorten the life span of the bees. Repeated use may cause damage to the queen with time.

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