standby – the vole fence

The standby fence is a sophisticated system, which includes natural vole predators in order to avoid vole (re-)immigration. Fields of application Voles have an enormous reproductive potential. As soon as the pups reach maturity, they are chased from the burrow by their parents. Recently vole-free areas will continuously be repopulated by the juvenile offspring. The …

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topsnap LR

The clever mousetrap with remote signaling topsnap LR is an advancement of our topsnap. The trap is equipped with a LoRaWAN antenna and temperature sensors. Trap catches can be easily monitored by email alert and in the WebApp where you can also find visualised traps statistics. Thus, expenses for the usual trap checks can be …

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topcat – the vole trap

The internationally patented topcat-trap is a very efficient high quality trap which catches voles from both tunnel directions. Fields of application Topcat helps to inhibit the enormous population dynamics of voles and avoids economic damage in agriculture, horticulture, forage production and landscape management. The topcat-trap is a well-established vole trap with high efficiency due to …

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