Interview with Giulia Bozzolini

Giulia joined Andermatt in July 2021 as area manager and is responsible for the customer support and market development in Northern Europe, North Africa and the Near East.

Giulia, please tell us about yourself and your professional background.

I was born in Zurich, but my parents are from Italy. I grew up with these two cultures, the Swiss and the Italian one and I feel at home in both. None of my family members worked in the agricultural sector so I never had much contact with it as a child. After my graduation from high school, I started studying German literature and history. After a few years I realized that I was not interested in becoming a journalist or a history teacher, so I decided to change my studies to biology at the University of Zurich. During my Bachelor’s degree I developed an interest in plant biology and that’s why I did my Master’s in molecular plant biology, with a focus on wheat and its powdery mildew resistance genes.

After my graduation I did an internship at the research institute of the Swiss federal office of agriculture, where I worked in several projects, among others in the diary industry. This gave me my first contact with the agricultural sector. I worked there for two years, before I started to work at Andermatt.

Why did you decide to work in biocontrol and especially for Andermatt and what motivates you in your job?

Agriculture is one of the pillars of a functioning society and the world depends on healthy agriculture and vice versa. I first heard about Andermatt when I did my Master at the University of Zurich. I was immediately impressed by the work achieved by the Andermatt Group and its mission. I knew that one day I wanted to work for this pioneering company. When I saw the job as an area manager a few years later, I knew I wanted this job to do my part to get one step closer to the vision of a world without chemical inputs in agriculture. I am highly motivated, knowing that we are working day by day to make the world a better place, even when the work can be very challenging at times. Also, I am inspired by working  with professionals from different countries who know our products and who share our vision. I am very proud to be working for such a dedicated company group.

Your position at Andermatt also requires to travel and get in touch with different cultures and professionals in biocontrol. What are your experiences so far, where have you been to?

The good thing about travelling for work is not only that I get to know different cultures and different people, but that I have the possibility to learn about agriculture and the use of our products in different countries with different climatic conditions and application methods. Recently I had my first trip to Morocco (read the article). I had the possibility to present our product Madex Twin to different growers and retailers. It was impressive to see many people being interested in our company, in our product and thanking us for our work.

What gives you pleasure and motivation outside of work?

Since I was a child, cooking and eating good food played an important role in my life. I really love hosting dinners and evening receptions for friends and family at home, it really is my passion. I love everything from the brainstorming which plates to serve, to the actual preparation and the event itself. There is nothing better as seeing happy faces at the dinner table.

When I am not hosting dinners, I am a sports fanatic. Whenever there is time, I am in the gym – for me, it is meditative, and I need it after a full day’s work. In winter I like to ski in Graubünden (a region in the Swiss Alps) and in summer it’s beautiful to hike there. My favorite spot for hiking is the Segnesboden region (part of the UNESCO world heritage), next time you are in Switzerland, I recommend you to go there. Well of course, whenever I can, I love to go to the beach. But since we do not have a beach in Switzerland, hiking is a perfect alternative to enjoy the nature and the sun.

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