Flower and Ornamental Plant Fertilizer


Organic fertilizer contains the key nutrients required to sustain plant growth and flowering over an extended period of time. Suitable for summer flowers, perennial beds and flowering shrubs.

Application: Work 100 to 200 g fertilizer per m² (depending on vigour and flowering intensity) into the topsoil layer in spring before sowing, planting or for existing crops. Follow-up fertilisation in summer.

6674g blumen zierpflanzen 1kg andermatt biogarten 22
6675g blumen zierpflanzen duenger 5kg andermatt biogarten 22

Product Facts

Active ingredients

Nutrients: 5% total nitrogen (N), 5% organic nitrogen (NO), 3% phosphate (P2O5), 8% potash (K2O), 3% calcium oxide (CaO), 55% organic matter of plant and animal origin (OS), 90% dry matter (TS)

Application area

Summer flowers, perennial beds, flowering shrubs


6674G Flower and Ornamental Plants Fertilizer (1 kg)

6675G Flower and Ornamental Plants Fertilizer (5 kg)

Shelf life

Several years at 15°C

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