Felt Winter Protection


Made of Swiss sheepʼs wool, processed into a 4 mm thick felt. Insulates well, is breathable and water permeable. This promotes a good climate in the pot. Insulation and air permeability are maintained even when the felt is wet. Velcro fastening makes it suitable for different pot sizes.
– Felt Winter Protection small: For pots with a diameter of 30 to 40 cm
– Felt Winter Protection big: For pots with a diameter of 38 to 50 cm

Application: Easy to use thanks to Velcro fastener. No additional binding material necessary. Felt can be fastened tightly around the pot. The cut flaps cover the surface of the soil.

2167g winterschutzfilz klein andermatt biogarten
2105g winterschutzfilz gross andermatt biogarten
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Product Facts


Frost damage

Application area

Potted plants


2167G Felt Winter Protection small

2105G Felt Winter Protection big

Shelf life

Several years

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