Codling Moth Trap


Based upon the number of captured moths the infestation rate can be determined and the Madex application can be adjusted. By capturing the male moths, the population will be reduced. However, this alone does not lead to complete control. Store lures (pheromone)
and glue boards in a cool place at 2 to 5 °C. Glue boards should be replaced every 2 to 3 weeks and the lures after 4 weeks. The codling moth refill provides monitoring for two months.

Application: Hang the trap with the lure and sticky inserts from mid-April on. 1 trap is adequate for approx. 200 m².

3376g apfelwickler falle andermatt biogarten
3379g apfelwickler lockstoff andermatt biogarten
3376g apfelwickler falle anwendung andermatt biogarten

Product Facts


Codling moth (Cydia pomonella)

Active ingredient


Application area

Apple, pear, quince


3376G Codling Moth Trap (without lure and glue boards)

3379G Codling Moth Trap Refill (2 lures and 4 glue boards)

Shelf life

Trap: unlimited

Refill: 6 months at 5°C, 2 years at -18°C

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