Organic leaf fertilizer with calcium, nitrogen and valuable amino acids. For the prevention of deficiency symptoms such as late blossom end rot on tomatoes, peppers and courgettes, or the bitter pit on pome fruits. Suitable for all plants on calcium-poor soils.

Application: Do not apply in direct sunlight or at high temperatures (>25 °C). To be applied during second half of the fruit development on tomatoes, peppers and zucchini. In the case of pome fruit, apply every 14 days from July until harvest.

3039g aminoca andermatt biogarten 22

Product Facts


Late blossom end root, bitter pit on fruits

Active ingredients

Calcium, nitrogen, amino acids

Nutrient contents: 3.5% total nitrogen (N),3.3% organic nitrogen (NO), 8% calcium oxide (CaO), 12% chlorine (Cl), 31% organic matter of animal origin (OS), 49% dry matter (DM), 20% free amino acids

Application area

Tomato, pepper, courgettes, pome fruits


3039G AminoCa (250 ml for 100 litres)

Shelf life

Min. 2 years at 15°C

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