Over the course of three to four weeks, experience the development of the native two-point ladybird, from the eggs, through several larval stages, and finally to the ladybug. An exciting natural experience for children and adults! Delivery of ladybird eggs from March until mid September.

Content Adalia-Kit:
-Adalia Kit (with voucher): Voucher for the Ladybird eggs and the food for the larvae, Detailed brochure, rearing box, magnifying glass, paintbrush
-Adalia Accessories (without eggs and food): Detailed brochure, rearing box, magnifying glass, paintbrush
-Adalia bipunctata (70 eggs can): Ladybird eggs (70 eggs can)
-Food Adalia larvae (2 x 0.5 g): Food for the Adalia larvae

1103g adalia aufzuchtsset schachtel andermatt biogarten
615g adalia eier andermatt biogarten
1348g futter adalia andermatt biogartenjpg
1474g adalia nachfueller
1103g adalia andermatt biogarten

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1103G Adalia Kit (with voucher)

1473G Adalia Accessories (without eggs and food)

615G.I Adalia bipunctata (70 eggs can)

1348G Food Adalia larvae (2 x 0.5 g)

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