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Arysta Health and Nutrition Sciences Ltd. Sciences Corporation, 8-1, Akashicho, Chuo-ku, 38/39th Floor, St.Luke’s Tower 104-6591 Tokyo

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Ephestia kuehniella

Frozen eggs of the Indian flour moth (Ephestia kuehniella) serve as a main food source in the production of many different beneficial insects.

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Shaping the future with Andermatt women leaders

Change is upon us. As the world grapples with 21st century concerns of food safety and security, women are at the forefront of new biological solutions, and leading conversations which highlight the importance of a new way of thinking about food. Cleaner, greener food production solutions are required, not just for the benefit of a […]

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Bb-Protec: Unraveling the Potential for Fruit Fly Control in Mango Cultivation

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One of the many difficult challenges to increased and sustainable production of fruit and vegetable crops in Africa are fruit flies. They have been identified as a highly economically important group of insects that pose a serious threat to the horticultural industry in sub-Saharan Africa. Fruit fly infestations result in significant losses in yield and […]

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The Andermatt Regulatory Team conquers the challenging world of registrations

regulatory team

The development of a biological plant protection product is a complex process and the requirements can be summarised as follows: All development steps have their specific difficulties, but the registration is usually the least popular. However, registration is mandatory and important to place safe and effective plant protection products on the market. For this, a […]

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Lures and traps for the monitoring or mass trapping of insect pests.

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Tutavir unveils its unique feature the population effect in the field


The Andermatt Group brings Tutavir to the market to offer a sustainable solution to support tomato growers battling this challenging pest.
In this article we describe the long-term effect of Tutavir on the Tuta absoluta population. Tutavir is sprayed at standard dose and interval for a direct effect leading to damage control. In addition, the population effect comes to help to control the population of Tuta absoluta. These two effects together make Tutavir a unique solution for Tuta absoluta control in application programs.

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