standby – the vole fence

The standby fence is a sophisticated system, which includes natural vole predators in order to avoid vole (re-)immigration. Fields of application Voles have an enormous reproductive potential. As soon as the pups reach maturity, they are chased from the burrow by their parents. Recently vole-free areas will continuously be repopulated by the juvenile offspring. The […]

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Lymantria dispar MNPV

Lymantria dispar MNPV is a biological alternative and offers highly effective control of gypsy moth. Benefits Lymantria dispar MNPV is a multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus (MNPV) preparation for the biological control larvae of the gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar). Control efforts with Lymantria dispar MNPV are necessary in order to manage the gypsy moth and to protect natural resources […]

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Madex is a highly efficient preparation for the biological control of the codling moth (Cydia pomonella), based on a Cydia pomonella granulovirus (CpGV). In order to meet specific market demands, Andermatt Biocontrol provides several Madex products based on different CpGV isolates: Madex Top and Madex Max are improvements of the product Madex with novel isolates […]

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General privacy policy

General privacy policy       General privacy policy 1 General information The following privacy statement provides an overview of what personal data we (Andermatt Group AG, Andermatt Biocontrol Suisse AG, Andermatt Service AG; Andermatt Biovet AG, Andermatt Biogarten AG) process and to what extent we do so. Personal data is any data with which […]

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Interview with Brendon Neumann

image 6

First started getting commercial exposure in the biocontrol industry in around 2000 he was some of the first people to be discussing topics like biocontrol and soil health with commercial farmers in South Africa. Meet the new Director Product Portfolio Management of the Andermatt Group – the “ironman” Brendon Neemann!

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Anthesis saves the Greek chestnut groves from a wasp with a wasp

Recently Andermatt Biocontrol became the main shareholder of Anthesis PC, a leading IPM company in Greece. The portfolio of Anthesis consisted of biocontrol products including, beneficial macro-organisms, mating disruption systems, biostimulants and pest monitoring systems. For almost two decades Anthesis has been providing biocontrol and bionutrition solutions to the growers, helping them to overcome residue […]

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topsnap – the clever mousetrap

The mouse trap topsnap is very user friendly and efficient in the control of mice in indoor areas thanks to its sophisticated mechanism. The robust and durable trap is suited for long-term use as it is made of high quality stainless steel and solid plastic. Fields of application It is important to control mice infestation […]

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Andermatt Canada: Pioneering Sustainable Agriculture and Global Export of Biological Solutions

andermatt canada production

Andermatt Canada, a proud member of the Andermatt Group, is dedicated to promoting sustainable agricultural practices and aims to become a leader in the global sustainable agricultural and forestry markets, sharing their vision for the future, the challenges they face, and how they plan to drive growth and success in the coming years, with a […]

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The use of Bb-Protec in orchard crops – a citrus success story

Bb-Protec is a biological insecticide that has the fungus Beauveria bassiana strain R444 as the active ingredient. Compared to conventional insecticides, Bb-Protec has a narrow target range, but when compared to other biological insecticides, its target range is considered broad. This makes it a viable solution for different growers that are challenged by different pests. Bb-Protec (known as […]

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