RhizoVital P45

RhizoVital P45 is a microbial biostimulant containing spores of the naturally occurring soil bacteria Bacillus velezensis strain FZB 45. RhizoVital P45 stimulates root growth and mobilizes nutrients in the soil. RhizoVital P45 supports the availability of plant nutrients which leads to an increased in yield. Tolerance towards abiotic stress caused by unfavorable climatic conditions and field management […]

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Shaping the future with Andermatt women leaders

Change is upon us. As the world grapples with 21st century concerns of food safety and security, women are at the forefront of new biological solutions, and leading conversations which highlight the importance of a new way of thinking about food. Cleaner, greener food production solutions are required, not just for the benefit of a […]

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New role of Felix Dubach and welcome Patrick Meyer

We are excited to announce some significant organizational changes within the Andermatt Group. Felix Dubach has taken on the role of Director International Business. Felix has been an invaluable member of our team for several years as Area Manager and Head International Market Development and has consistently displayed remarkable leadership skills, exceptional market insight, and […]

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Andermatt in Africa conference in Kenya

aa kenya 2023 conference photo (1)

The Andermatt in Africa conference was held at Enashipai Hotel, Naivasha, Kenya from 8 – 10 May 2023. A total of 27 delegates were in attendance from 11 different countries, representing preferred partner suppliers, distributors and including the Andermatt in Africa team. Andermatt’s vision for Africa is focused on feeding the continent sustainably, as well […]

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Interview with Ralph Schwarz

Ralph is Managing Director of Andermatt Biogarten, the home and garden sector of the Andermatt Group. Ralph, could you tell us your professional background and how you decided to work in the organic gardening industry? I originally studied biology and have always been interested in everything alive, whether it was plants or animals. Offering people […]

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How Phosbac45 makes a difference in plant nutrition management in Brazil

Phosbac45 is a microbial biofertilizer based on Bacillus velezensis strain FZB45, which is also available on the global market under the brand Rhizovital P45. Phosbac45 is supporting high yields in cereal and vegetable crops. In 2018, Phosbac45 got the first registration as a phosphorous solubilizer in the Brazilian market. Phosbac45 contains a specific strain of Bacillus velezensis (formerly classified as Bacillus […]

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