Interview with Brendon Neumann

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First started getting commercial exposure in the biocontrol industry in around 2000 he was some of the first people to be discussing topics like biocontrol and soil health with commercial farmers in South Africa. Meet the new Director Product Portfolio Management of the Andermatt Group – the “ironman” Brendon Neemann!

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About us

About us Integrity, Passion, Innovation, Excellence Team Our experts provide the best technical support Career We look for new talents worldwide Subsidiaries Explore our subsidiaries network Our Goal Our goal is to replace chemical pesticides with good biological alternatives, such as microbial products, natural substances, beneficial insects and traps. More than 30 years ago, we […]

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Entomopathogenic nematodes

Entomopathogenic nematodes occur naturally in the environment as parasites of many insect larvae. The mass release of these nematodes provides an efficient and curative control of key insect pests in a wide range of crops. Mode of action Once released, nematodes actively seek out their insect hosts. When a host has been located, the nematodes […]

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Lures and traps for the monitoring or mass trapping of insect pests.

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Andermatt Canada: Pioneering Sustainable Agriculture and Global Export of Biological Solutions

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Andermatt Canada, a proud member of the Andermatt Group, is dedicated to promoting sustainable agricultural practices and aims to become a leader in the global sustainable agricultural and forestry markets, sharing their vision for the future, the challenges they face, and how they plan to drive growth and success in the coming years, with a […]

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Bb-Protec: Unraveling the Potential for Fruit Fly Control in Mango Cultivation

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One of the many difficult challenges to increased and sustainable production of fruit and vegetable crops in Africa are fruit flies. They have been identified as a highly economically important group of insects that pose a serious threat to the horticultural industry in sub-Saharan Africa. Fruit fly infestations result in significant losses in yield and […]

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RhizoVital C5 launch in Canada

The Canadian Experience with RhizoVital C5 RhizoVital C5, a biostimulant based on Bacillus atrophaeus strain Abi05, was introduced in Canada in 2020.   RhizoVital C5 was trialled in winter wheat in Central Canada where it is applied as a seed treatment during the seed processing stage. Additional trials are planned for spring seeded canola in […]

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Anthesis saves the Greek chestnut groves from a wasp with a wasp

Recently Andermatt Biocontrol became the main shareholder of Anthesis PC, a leading IPM company in Greece. The portfolio of Anthesis consisted of biocontrol products including, beneficial macro-organisms, mating disruption systems, biostimulants and pest monitoring systems. For almost two decades Anthesis has been providing biocontrol and bionutrition solutions to the growers, helping them to overcome residue […]

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